June 24, 2012

Save the Waterfront Streetcar

The George Benson Waterfront Streetcar line stopped operation in 2005 with the hopes that once a new car barn was built the line would be restored to service. 7 Years later, the car barn was never built, and political winds have changed. Now Metro is looking at selling off the vintage and landmark Melbourne streetcars, and closing the line for good.

The group Save Our Streetcar is working to help prevent the cars from being sold off, and to get the line back into service. The Waterfront Streetcar line connected the International District (Where King Street Station, and the International District transit tunnel station are located) with Pioneer Square and the waterfront, including the Ferry Terminal, Cruise Ship Terminal, and all the Tourist attractions. It used vintage, and well known Seattle landmark 1920s Streetcars from Melbourne, Australia. After the line was closed in 2005, a big gap was left in the transportation network in the City of Seattle. The neighborhoods have lost business, and its difficult to get to the waterfront for riders of Amtrak and Sound Transit.

Please Sign the petition on Save Our Streetcar's Website and let our politicians know that this is not just a Seattle issue, but one of statewide significance as well!