June 19, 2012

Rep. Mike Armstrong: Invest in Transportation Infrastructure

The  June 9  All Aboard Washington meeting in Wenatchee featured Rep. Mike Armstrong (R-Wenatchee), Ranking Member of the House Transportation Committee. Rep Armstrong’s presentation, punctuated with humor, had the serious message that the continued economic well-being of Washington State requires major investments  in transportation infrastructure, including intercity rail, freight and passenger, as a significant part of those investments.

The 28 rail advocates present were pleased to hear of Armstrong’s positions on rail investment  and also his emphasis on the cooperative bipartisan approach the leadership and members of the Washington Legislature’s transportation committees practice.

Rep. Armstrong hopes to see future increases in intercity rail passenger service to and through central and eastern Washington, a position strongly supported by All Aboard Washington.

A full report on our Wenatchee meeting wll be in the August/September newsletter.