January 4, 2014

Tax parity for Transit riders!

Fellow Rail Advocates,

While this Action Alert would rarely deal directly with  intercity passenger train service, it is a request to have you inform Congress that tax incentives for transit, urban rail, and vanpools should NOT be cut essentially in half while those for driving alone to work are actually modestly increased. Again, the Feds would be  essentially “paying people to drive alone” and we should attempt to help to ensure parity –reasonable equality by mode for commuting to work deductions.

NARP Hotline # 842 December 20, 2013 – second  item - briefly summarizes the issue. In addition, a reference within this second item is to an Action Alert from the National Alliance of Public Transportation Advocates (NAPTA) which includes details concerning this issue, plus a suggested draft letter to members of Congress. (While the content of the suggested draft is excellent, your own situation, experience and feelings about financial parity among transportation modes is strongly advised.)

It took years of hard work by balanced transportation advocates to get a level playing field  between drive-alone commuters and those using other means of getting to work. Now drivers will again be favored, unless parity (Up to $245/month deduction for transit as well as for driving to work.)

Even those, who by circumstance or choice, drive to work should favor tax-incentive modal parity as it helps “get other people off the road.”

Please phone or email your US House member and your US Senators. Most would be in favor, but they are confronted by dozen of issues, dozens of requests. They may need gentle reminders about this “little” issue that can have considerable significance in terms of transportation decisions and transportation patterns, particularly in urban areas.

It will take but a few minutes.  I’m writing to my House member, Denny Heck, today.

Please contact me if needed and please address this issue.