December 18, 2022

December 2022 AAWA-AORTA Meeting

All Aboard Washington and AORTA met in Centralia.

Photos courtesy Warren Yee

We had some sound and internet connection issues, but the conversation was excellent. Featured speakers:

US Sen. Patty Murray

Senator Jeff Wilson (WA 19th District)

Senator Chris Gorsek (OR 25th District)

Rep. Jake Fey (WA 27th District)

Rep. Nancy Nathanson (OR 13th District)

Thanks to the speakers, and the 60 people who participated in person and online.

2023 Legislative Priorities 12-17-2022



Welcome from Senator Patty Murray


Part 1 (We lost internet at the end of this section. Please click Part 2 below for the rest of the meeting.)


Part 2. Thanks to Dan Bilka.


Meeting chat