July 16, 2019

High-speed rail study published

WSDOT's ultra-high-speed rail study has been published, and has received attention from many media outlets. Add your opinion at these websites about the need for improved passenger rail today, and in the future!

WSDOT Ultra-High-Speed Ground Transportation study - 2019 business case analysis

"Ultra-high-speed ground transportation is not intended to replace the Amtrak Cascades intercity passenger rail system managed and funded by WSDOT and ODOT; it would be an additional travel option and would serve to supplement ridership. Amtrak Cascades trains might connect smaller cities to the ultra-high-speed system and they might even share the same tracks. Because Amtrak Cascades trains currently share tracks with freight trains, it is likely not possible to offer ultra-high-speed service on most of the current Amtrak Cascades routes. Amtrak Cascades trains travel at 79 mph and serve 18 cities in Canada, Washington and Oregon - more than an ultra-high-speed option would serve."

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