August 23, 2011

AAWA Operation Lifesaver Presentations

AAWA’s continually advocates passenger and freight trains as the safest, most environmentally-sound means of moving people and goods. The  relatively few fatalities that occur in association with trains are mostly as result of pedestrians and motor vehicle drivers trespassing or making tragically bad decisions ( as trying the “beat the train” at crossings.). Several AAWA members, including Harvey Bowen, George Barner, and Lloyd Flem have recently done public outreach, as presenters of the railroad-sponsored Operation Lifesaver program,  in efforts to educate people, from young children to great-grandparents, to respect trains’ importance but also  their potential danger to trespassers and lawbreakers.

While the numbers of tragic rail-involved accidents have decreased in recent years, in part a result of the Operation Lifesaver program, three fatalities, all the result of the fatally bad judgment of the victims, have occurred in Washington alone in recent days.  OL seeks to reduce such events to zero. Those who would like to participate in this important service should contact Lloyd Flem ([email protected]), who will put you in touch with Operation Lifesaver leadership in WA and OR so you might attend class to become a presenter.