AAWA Coalitions Policy

AAWA should become coalition partners with organizations which promote economic recovery, environmental stewardship, and equitable transportation access, and that can commit to supporting Northwest passenger rail to further these causes. AAWA should pursue and improve coalitions with these types of organizations:

  • Regional Rail Advocates
  • Multimodal Transportation Advocates
  • Disability Rights Advocates
  • Advocates for Local Economic Development
  • Environmental Groups
  • Groups Pursuing Social Justice and Equity
  • National Rail Advocates

AAWA members are encouraged to foster relationships with organizations championing common goals and submit suggestions to the Coalitions Committee for review. The Coalitions Committee and board will ultimately determine whether it is in AAWA’s interest to collaborate with any other organization on policy, strategy, and tactics for the achievement of mutual goals.

Enacted March 13, 2021
Updated March 30, 2021