Promoting rail as an integral part of Washington state's transportation solutions.

AAWA Policy Positions

Transportation Priorities

The public needs its elected officials to make the hard choices necessary to turn our hard-earned, limited dollars into a functional transportation system. It should help us maintain our economic growth without sacrificing our state’s quality of life in the future. Initiative 976 is forcing us to change how we think about transportation planning and funding. We should put ALL options on the table, and make 2020 the year that we finally set our priorities straight.

Restoring Cascades Service Levels

All Aboard Washington urges WSDOT, Amtrak, and ODOT to replace the trainset lost in the Cascades 501 accident and to restart service on the Point Defiance Bypass at the December 2017 planned running time and frequency of service, as soon as possible.

Cascades Service Improvements

The need for fast, frequent, and reliable passenger rail service in Washington has never been more urgent. All Aboard Washington’s (AAWA’s) goal is to make passenger rail service safer, more comfortable, more reliable, faster, and more frequent.